GME Dodge RAM „Offroad Edition“ supercharged

GME Dodge RAM "Offroad Edition" - Fahrverhalten

The Dodge RAM is one of the most popular US pickups in Europe. Perhaps it is even the most popular full-size pickup ever. If it's up to us, he's got what it takes. Especially when it is the GME Dodge RAM "Offroad Edition".

Selected upgrades underline vehicle character

Admittedly, already ex works the Dodge pickup cuts a very good figure. Satisfying ground clearance, plenty of space and a striking appearance. But as a tuning specialist for extraordinary vehicles, we have set ourselves the goal of underlining the character of RAM with well-aimed upgrades. That we have succeeded perfectly in this becomes clear as soon as our GME version is next to a standard RAM. You will never want to miss our "Offroad Edition" again!

Understatement? No, thanks.

Thanks to the lift by 9.5 inches (approx. 24 cm), the wider fenders and the 20-inch offroad wheels, the GME Dodge RAM shows pure power. When this monster approaches, it's hard not to look. Normal vehicles literally stand in its shadow - not difficult at a vehicle height of about 2.15 metres. An important detail at this vehicle height: automatically folding footboards make it easy to get in and out at almost standard height.

A wheel arch widening with screw optics provides the necessary wheel cover and a wide step. Since the wheel arch extensions are bolted to the original attachment points in the wheel arch, a non-marking retrofit is possible at any time.

The front of the pickup is enhanced by a sporty grill. The customer can choose from different versions - from the classic clean without logo to the sporty-functional metal grill with integrated LED lightbar.
We have deliberately avoided unnecessary accessories such as roll bars, bull catchers and other add-on parts in order to keep the appearance salonable. Despite its massive appearance, the "Offroad Edition" leaves a positive impression on the viewer.

We have also improved the vehicle sound. You can choose from a total of three different own developments according to your personal taste. The highest variant is a stainless steel sports exhaust system with integrated flap control. Either way, the GME exhaust systems underline the voluminous, core sound of the 5.7-litre HEMI engine almost perfectly. Depending on the driving modes, you can choose between pure V8 sound and whisper-quiet driving.

More than just bad ass appearance

Anyone who suspects that the conversions are primarily cosmetic in nature is mistaken. Our GME pickup delivers what the brute look promises. Powerful, impressive off-road capability and pure US car feeling are simply part of it. That is why we only use high-quality components that are matched to each other. Among other things, a performance suspension from the off-road specialist FOX was used. Thanks to the external expansion tank, the chassis can work cleanly off-road even under heavy use. To ensure that the chassis geometry and kinematics can continue to work perfectly, new subframes, steering knuckles and suspension parts were installed.

The wheel-tyre combination used is also suitable for demanding off-road applications. Our "Offroad Edition" stands solidly on two-piece 12x20 inch forged rims. Mounted on it are 37 inch, 13.5 inch wide Toyo off-road tires. The transmission control unit and speedometer were adapted to the significantly larger rolling circumference. Despite the enormous tyre dimensions, they also offer good grip and driving comfort in normal road traffic.

More power on request

The 2.5-ton series pickup with up to 295 kW (401 hp) is not really underpowered. Nevertheless, the V8 offers a lot of potential. In order to unleash the full power of the HEMI unit, we offer our customers various expansion stages. The compressor kit, developed in cooperation with US compressor specialist Edelbrock, comes with a TÜV parts certificate and provides an enormous power boost of up to 404 kW (550 HP). Thanks to deliberately gentle charging, the longevity of the motor is not negatively affected. The patented air-water-air intercooling also ensures more efficient combustion. By the way: The compressor used offers a performance potential up to 900 HP. However, this expansion stage requires the reinforcement of various engine parts.

Customer decides on scope of modification

The company philosophy includes the conversion according to customer requirements. The customer decides for himself whether to carry out a complete modification based on the project vehicle or an individual modification. Anything is possible by default. All installed GME parts can also be purchased separately. The installation can optionally be carried out directly in the company headquarters near Leipzig.

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Are you interested in our Dodge RAM "Offroad Edition" or GME parts for your Dodge RAM? We would be pleased to inform you about our range of services. Write us a message or give us a call.

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