GME Camaro 6 „SuperSix“

GME Camaro 6 "SuperSix" Kompressorumbau

Resharpened - The Camaro 6 from GME.

A stock Camaro is good, a GME Camaro is better! As with the previous model of the Camaro 6, we have "spiced up" the series version of the modern US muscle car. According to our philosophy we attach great importance to strengthen or underline the typical character traits of the car with all our modifications and edition vehicles. We develop numerous components ourselves, perfectly matched to each other, so that everything looks like a unified piece in the end. As a result, all parts mesh like a Swiss watch mechanism.

The best Camaro from GME

With the sixth generation of the Camaro, Chevrolet has put an impressive vehicle into series production. Through our targeted upgrades, we have brought back to life the character traits that have fallen victim to the mass production capability. With better performance, more powerful sound and a more brute look, we have built one of the best camaros of our time. Our "SuperSix"-Camaro is tuned in such a way that it makes a solid appearance in everyday life as well as on excursions on the race track.

Full performance

Admittedly, to speak of poor performance on a Camaro 6 SS, which is the basis of our conversion, would be more than presumptuous. Nevertheless, the muscle car offered a lot of potential, which we wanted to unleash. Besides an impressive engine upgrade we changed the complete brake system and the chassis to get the maximum performance out of it.

Power plus due to compressor charging

The first thing we did, as is typical for GME, was to concentrate on the 6.2 litre V8 engine. Even though the small block with 453 hp / 617 Nm is already well juiced, the performance lags behind much engine capacity weaker vehicles. That's why we have given our Camaro a proper performance upgrade. Together with the US-American compressor specialist Edelbrock we were able to increase the power to 628 hp / 821 Nm. We have again decided for an E-Force compressor kit from Edelbrock, because the advantages of the system are unique in our opinion. [You will find more information about this shortly under the menu item "Edelbrock".] The compressor loading, in the English Supercharged, is name-giving at the same time for our "SUPERcharged camaro SIX".
With almost every performance increase, durability also plays a role. Since our Camaro 6 mainly is supposed to be moved in the public area, we chose a performance increase that is not harmful to the engine. We acknowledged this together with Edelbrock with a guarantee on engine and gearbox 1. Thus our modification remains attractive also for Camaro owners with running factory warranty. Our compressor kit offers potential up to more than 1000 HP. For this, various adjustments would have to be made to the engine.

Improved Camaro 6 chassis

We offer two different chassis solutions - depending on the customer's requirements. Customers who do not want to dispense the electronic hardness adjustment of the series dampers can keep the "Magnetic Ride" function despite discreet lowering. We achieve this by combining the standard adjustable dampers with our GME lowering springs. This represents a very good compromise between sportiness and suitability for everyday use.
If you want to move the "SuperSix" in a sporty way, you will get your money's worth with our GME coilover suspension. Length-adjustable dampers, camber-adjustable dome bearings, uniball joints, hardness-adjustable dampers and much more ensure almost perfect handling. At no time does the chassis appear bumpy or extremely hard.
Thanks to the chassis setup, the GME-Camaro 6 drives refreshingly honestly. It never leaves any doubt about the power of the impressive, supercharged engine and also likes to let the rear end look out casually when cornering. But this never happens surprisingly. The driver can influence the driving situation according to his wishes at any time with targeted steering and accelerator pedal interventions. This is also the fascination of the "SuperSix": He wants to be mastered instead of driving his driver with the help of highly operative driving assistance systems on the verge of driving physics, as many modern (tame) sports cars do.

Camaro 6 Sports Brake System

Speaking of taming: In order to provide the necessary deceleration in all situations, we have revised the complete brake system on the front and rear axles. The high-quality brakes consist of two-piece, floating brake discs (front: 400x36 mm, rear: 356x32 mm). The float-mounted brake disc ensures a tension-free brake disc compound and thus fade-free operation. The brake calipers are each manufactured from a forged aluminium block. In contrast to bolted calipers, the degree of bending at high brake pressures is many times lower. The resulting direct pedal feeling allows perfect dosage of the braking force.

Flap exhaust system with EC approval

Our requirements for the development of the vehicle-specific exhaust system of the Camaro 6 were also enormously high. Therefore, we decided on a double-flow 3-inch stainless steel system. Since we purposely separate the exhaust pipes of the two cylinder banks, our flap exhaust system scores with a clean, powerful V8 sound. Our EC-approved Camaro exhaust system consists of two front silencers and four rear silencers. On the quiet setting all dampers are flowed through, in the loud position only the two front silencers. This means that there are no compromises. Breathtaking sound or "whisper setting" suitable for travelling - depending on the driver's wishes.

More details of the GME rebuild

In addition to the performance, we also fine-tuned the look of the Camaro 6. For this purpose we designed exclusive two-piece forged rims for our Camaro 6. Therefore the rims stand perfectly without adapters, such as centering rings or spacers in the wheel house. The design of the rims takes up angles and radii of the car body. The black rims (black painted rim star with dark brushed rim bed) fit seamlessly into the overall picture. Together with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, the 9.5x20 wheels on the front axle and the 11x20 wheels on the rear axle provide sufficient grip at all times.
A two-part front grille, front splitters, side skirts and a rear wing painted in the same colour as the car, give the car a sportier look. Furthermore, the larger air intakes allow better air throughput and more efficient control of the changed engine temperature.

Customer decides on scope of modification

The company philosophy includes the modification according to the customer's wishes. The customer can decide for himself whether to carry out a complete conversion based on the project vehicle or an individual conversion. Anything is possible in principle. All installed GME parts can also be purchased separately. Installation can optionally take place directly at the company headquarters near Leipzig.
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Are you interested in our Camaro 6 "SuperSix" or GME parts for your Chevrolet Camaro 6? We would be pleased to inform you about our range of services. Write us a message or give us a call.

1 3-year warranty or 58,000 km total mileage (after initial registration), sum insured: max. 14,500 €, applies to engine, gearbox and drive axle components. Further information is available at

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