Ford Mustang Gen. 6 / Edition 705 by GME

GME Mustang 6 Kompressorumbau

On April 17, 1964 the Ford Mustang was presented to the world public. And he struck like a bomb. It was a huge success right from the start. Already on the first day 22,000 cars were sold. Carrol Shelby, an ex-racing driver, modified the Mustang with his unique concept. This made the Shelby Mustang ready for the racetrack and even more legendary. Especially the GT 500 with its 7 litre V8 engine and 400 hp is still one of the absolute cult vehicles ever. The by GME improved model of the 2017 Mustang continues this tradition.

GME continues the Shelby tradition

Also the GME Mustang still has all the character traits of the first Ford Mustang: shark mouth in front and three divided lights in the back. However, this is where the similarities with the classic end. GME has once again optimized all components that have already been improved for Europe. The result is breathtaking, the driving characteristics approach perfection, the sound enchants even non-enthusiasts; and the performance: breathtaking. The GME Mustang has become exactly as Carroll Shelby would have built it if he had still been able to. Unfortunately he passed away on May 10, 2012.

Sportier look and better aerodynamics

The add-on parts designed by vehicle couturier Abbes fit seamlessly into the sporty and elegant lines of the new Mustang. These fit very well to the overall character of the car and are not obtrusive at any time. The observer must therefore take a very close look to see the transition from stock to conversion parts. The front bumper, together with the front fenders, forms a unit and skilfully takes up the lines of the Mustang. A large central positioned opening supplies the compressor and water cooler with plenty of cooling air. The slightly protruding side skirts on the undersides of the doors make the GME Mustang appear not only sportier, but also more dynamic and visually deeper than a stock Mustang. Diffuser and rear wing provide the downforce. Depending on the gusto and taste of the customer, the rear wing is available in 4 design versions. Every model does its work equally well.

Compressor charging generates a whopping 705 hp

The compressor specialists GME and Edelbrock also offer an own compressor system for the Mustang V8. The aim of the development work was to produce the world's most powerful Mustang without compromising the durability and suitability of the engine for everyday use. A completely new compressor has been developed for this purpose, which ventilates the V8 engine with additional air. The highlight of the engineering work: The air is almost cooled down to outside temperature before it is fed to the engine. As a result, more oxygen is compressed, resulting in greater power and torque. A side effect here is the lower thermal load, an essential factor for long durability. The result: 705 hp at 7,000 rpm and a torque of 800 Nm at 4,500 rpm. It is incredible how the GME/Edelbrock compressor changes the character of the whole vehicle. The torque is unimaginable and gives the driver the feeling of never-ending thrust, comparable to starting a jet. You can look forward to any driving situation with ease, knowing full well which inferno can be unleashed with a short push of the throttle. A new chapter in the old story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Anyone who has the chance to test drive one of these vehicles will never forget this experience. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Flap exhaust system provides perfect sound

A V8 engine has "the ideal" sound due to its design. No other engine type comes somehow close to this in sound. However, the art of the exhaust system builder is to channel the full bubbling of the V8, to make it balanced in all speed ranges. The handmade, double-flow GME exhaust system perfectly reflects the entire range of power development and always remains in the minor range. It also impresses with the quality of the stainless steel used and the perfection of the seams. For relaxed travelling, the sound level of the system can be dampened and when you drive on a winding country road, the exhaust with open flaps underpins the driving pleasure with the matching sound. The electronic back pressure monitoring keeps an eye on the back pressure in the system at all times and opens the flaps if necessary to avoid engine damage. With a quick glance at the entertainment display, the driver always knows the current operating status of the active exhaust system and can choose between 4 different modes by remote control.

Additional upgrades on brakes, chassis, and more.

The high-performance brake systems developed by our GME engineers are characterised by ingenious detailed technical solutions, such as a floating brake disc, which ensures tension-free expansion of the disc under temperature influence. Distorted brake discs are a thing of the past. The monoblock saddles are extremely strong and lightweight at the same time. This leads to a defined pressure point and reduces the nonsuspended mass. Material is only used where it is really necessary for the functional area of the saddle. The active ventilation of the GME brake system ensures more cooling and a more targeted air flow directly to where the heat is generated. The suspension, which is matched to the GME Mustang, ensures the necessary grip in every driving situation. Equipped in this way, the full potential of the GME mustang can be used in a relaxed way. The integrated height adjustment on both axles allows an individual adjustment to the local conditions or the personal taste of the driver. Furthermore, the hardness adjustable dampers allow an optimization of the driving characteristics to the individual driving style, so you always remain in control of the situation!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And as you can't argue about taste, we have developed a rim design especially for the GME Mustang that fits the concept. Of course, we decided on a forged light alloy wheel. Thanks to the individually developed rim, the GME rim fits perfectly into the wheel arch of the GME Mustang. The rims with a diameter of 21 inches not only suit the vehicle particularly well, they are also wider than the original to enable better road holding and also give the high-performance brake system enough space. Good to know: The rim can be painted in all imaginable colours on request.

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GME Mustang 6 Kompressorumbau
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