Official Edelbrock dealer and installer in Germany

German Motors and Engineering (GME) is official distributor and installer of Edelbrock High Performance car parts. The entire Edelbrock range can be supplied by us. We are also specialized in the installation and maintenance of Edelbrock superchargers. As a certificated Edelbrock E-Force supercharger installer, we work closely together with Edelbrock and develop, besides other products, supercharger solutions which are designed for use on German streets. We are proud to supply our customers with Edelbrock superchargers with TÜV parts certificates.

Edelbrock – The Specialist for Performance Car Partsr

The US American parts manufacturer Edelbrock belongs to the leading specialists for high performance parts since a long time. The company has been developing high-quality automotive parts for performance upgrades since 1938. Beside innumerable performance products for classical vehicles Edelbrock offers ever more products for modern models, in particular US Cars. The product range reaches from superchargers and carburettors over cylinder heads and intake bridges up to complete engines.

Due to its year-long experience in development and motor sports, Edelbrock is also a supplier for the OEM automotive industry. Today the company produces more than 8,000 car parts for racing and hobby drivers with a focus on performance enhancement.

Edelbrock E-Force supercharger systems

Edelbrock E-Force superchargers combine outstanding performance and torque in a high-quality package. Thanks to the unique design and minimal components, E-Force compressors can also be installed under the original hood. An additional hood or even another hood is not necessary. The heart of every E-Force system is an Eaton Gen VI 2300 or 1320 TVS® screw supercharger/compressor with four pistons. Thanks to this, a minimum boost air heating and low operating volume can be guaranteed at maximum air throughput. The special air-water-air cooler and a low-temperature heat exchanger additionally reduce the charge air temperature. This further increases the efficiency of engine supercharging. An integrated bypass valve avoids moment of inertia and high consumption when driving with low throttle

The E-Force compressor systems features:

  • Plug-and-Play No welding, cutting or grinding required thanks to high accuracy of fit
  • Eaton® TVS rotor assembly
  • Separate oil system No drilling or plugging into the engine oil system necessary
  • Electronic PCM programming module with specific adjustment for Stage 1 or Stage 2
  • High Flow Mass Air Sensor (as required)
  • little or no decrease in fuel efficiency
  • unique supercharger design allows maximum torque at low rpm and instant throttle response
  • higher engine efficiency due to low charge air heating Possible due to high supercharger volume (with low compression heating) and special air-water-air cooling
  • StVO-approved supercharger technology TÃœV parts certificate available for many models

Edelbrock E-Force compressors available in 3 stages

Stage 1 – street systems
The smallest version of the E-Force series is ideal for daily use. The Stage 1 supercharger kit contains all parts required for the installation of the supercharger, including an adjusted engine tuning. The engine tuning developed by us allows the 100 % legal use in the field of StVO. We confirm this with a TÜV parts certificate for many Edelbrock supercharger kits. If no TÜV parts certificate is available for the required E-Force-Kit, we work out a registerable engine tuning (by means of individual acceptance according to §21 StVZO) with the responsible testing authorities. Note: The expansion stage was developed for stock vehicles (with the exception cat-back exhaust systems).

Stage 2 – track systems
Second stage systems include all Stage 1 components. Additionally included are: additional cold air intake (if required), smaller pulley, fuel injectors (if required), fuel pump (if required) and a custom engine tuning system designed for excellent performance on the track. These systems are for motorsport use only (with the exception of our Corvette systems). Stage 2 systems are available as a complete package or as upgrade. The supplied engine tuning is intended for stock vehicles (with the exception of cat-back exhaust systems).

Stage 3 – professional tuner systems
Our professional tuner systems include all the essential components a professional tuner would need to build a customized supercharged racing setup. We offer full flexibility in pulley selection, cold air intake and much more. These systems are for racing use only.

Visual upgrade of the engine

But that’s not all: Edelbrock E-Force supercharger systems not only offer an increase in performance but also enhance the appearance of the engine compartment. The supercharger chassis and various other parts (in most systems) are powder-coated. This not only ensures a longer lifetime, but also creates a unique appearance. This gives your engine compartment an individual look.