The C7 is now looking more like a super sports car thanks to the new body kit.  There are not too many models that give a designer the opportunity to design a super sports car. The C7  with its transaxle design and lightweight aluminum V8 sitting behind the front axle, the high performance transmission along with the differential unit in the back the car provides a well-balanced weight distribution.  The double wishbone suspension with forged aluminum arms along with the cross member has the body weight at 3440 lbs.  Body panels made from fiberglass, and other plastics make the car insusceptible to rust and hail. The generation 7 Corvette is using the newest technology like variable valve timing, direct injection, variable cylinder management and displacement pump, the new LT1 V8 motor provides 466hp.

This generation of the Corvette is so much better than its predecessor. But instead of leaving it as it is, we started to refine that beautiful car in each of it’s details. Having years of experience in designing body kits for high end tuners, Star designer ABBES from Luxemburg designed a body kit that blends in beautifully with the existing lines of the Corvette, ABBES timeless design allows the C7 to become the next Super sports car.

We didn’t stop at the body kit to make this the best Corvette to date we used a centrifugal compressor with an excellent power distribution. Adding an additional charge air cooler the V8 mobilizes 680 hp all out of a 6.2 liter motor.  Providing a linear performance without lacking the power is easily controllable and available at all times.  The electronic injection system was adapted to gain performance, to adequately stop the car we also developed a high performance brake system with eight piston calipers on the front and four piston calipers on the rear axle.  Two piece rotors made from high density aluminum/steel compound assist in saving unsprung weight and rotating masses. With it’s floating bearing it decouples the brake rotor from the axle.  This will eliminate fading or distortion of the rotors.  Ferrodo provides us with high performance brake pads which will provide a constant controllable braking power in every temperature.  The slotted rotors ensure a clean rotor surface, along with stability.  We also can provide drilled rotors upon request. We also offer a wide selection of brake caliper colors.

The especially for the C7 Corvette developed coil over suspension system removes the OE leaf spring and damper combination and provides the optimum in road handling! Our GME coilover suspension system is fully adjustable in height, damping characteristic and spring preload. For the ones who are using their C7 more often on the race track we provide a damper version with external reservoirs which provides further adjustability (independent compression and rebound damping adjustment) and outstanding performance.

The shown Corvette is for sale at the moment! Please contact us for details!


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