German Motors and Engineering (GME)

German Motors & Engineering (short: GME) develops complete solutions for selected vehicles. Starting with customized performance enhancements, GME offers customized upgrade solutions for all affected systems.
Customized exhaust systems ensure appropriate and acoustically appealing disposal of combustion residues, specially tuned chassis transfer the power to the road via custom-made rims and reinforced sport brake systems provide the necessary deceleration.

On request, an individual interior and an aerodynamically optimised exterior emphasise the new inner values of the vehicle upgraded by GME.

In contrast to many other manufacturers who only produce chassis or rims and operate this for an unmanageable number of vehicles, German Motors and Engineering only deals with a selection of a few selected vehicles and develops all necessary parts in-house and specially adapted for the respective vehicle.

Thus, all components work together in perfect harmony, since they were developed by the same developer. Only through full competence in all components of a vehicle is it possible to create a perfect result. This is the vision of the owner and company founder René Rösel and our daily drive.