GME Jeep Wrangler „Street Wrangler“ supercharged

GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler"

The Jeep Wrangler has always stood for a genuine SUV. But a glance at the cities reveals that fewer and fewer SUVs are actually used off-road. Rather, they are status symbols, personal statements or simply more comfortable than normal cars. Due to this trend we have made our GME-Wrangler ready for urban use.

More torque with compressor

Admittedly, the 3.6-litre V6 engine already offers plenty of power for off-road use ex works. In road traffic, on the other hand, the Wrangler appears somewhat sluggish in its standard condition. Therefore we have equipped our street version with a Edelbrock compressor. Thanks to the additional charging, the engine delivers whopping 409 hp. This means that the Wrangler convinces not only during a fast start, but also during longer sprints. Of course, the compressor construction is absolutely TÜV-compliant and can be registered without any problems.

Improved V6 sound made by GME

Of course, a powerful V6 engine also needs the typical sound. We optimized this with a sports exhaust system specially developed for the Jeep Wrangler. The 3-inch system (from Cat) provides a striking engine sound without being intrusive. In addition, the larger pipe diameter ensures a lower exhaust back pressure, which relieves the engine.

Urban chic meets off-road look

Unlike our other vehicles, we have only discreetly changed the appearance of the "Street-Wrangler". Even if this is mainly used in urban environments, the rough off-road vehicle look is to be retained as far as possible. The two-piece GME forged rims in particular provide the sporty-elegant note. This creates a desired contrast between off-road and onroad elements, which does not miss its effect. For some it may be disturbing, for others the certain something. Either way, our "Street-Wrangler" with its exclusive 22-inch rims will stand out.

Modern entertainment system

There was also a need for improvement in the standard audio system. This was, typically full blood SUV, kept rather simple. With a high-quality Naviceiver, better speakers and additional functions, such as DAB, the entertainment system is now up-to-date. As the Wrangler can also be used as a convertible (the hardtop can be removed in a few easy steps), the selected speakers are weatherproof or waterproof. Whether open or closed - the sound of the Wrangler is perfectly matched.

Customer decides on modifications

The company philosophy includes the conversion according to customer requirements. The customer decides for himself whether to carry out a complete conversion after presentation of the project vehicle or an individual modification. Anything is possible by default. All installed GME parts can also be purchased separately. The installation can optionally be carried out directly in the company headquarters near Leipzig.

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Are you interested in our Jeep "Street-Wrangler" or GME parts for your Jeep Wrangler JK? We would be pleased to inform you about our range of services. Write us a message or give us a call ( +49 (0)34205 / 426690).

Demonstration vehicle for sale!

Our demonstration vehicle of the GME "Street Wrangler" is currently for sale. Take the chance to buy this rare vehicle. All information about the vehicle and the offer can be found on »View vehicle offer now

GME Jeep Wrangler JK - Street Wrangler
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Front
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Heck
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Schmiedefelgen, zweiteilig
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" 75th Anniversary Edition
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Edelbrock Kompressor-Umbau
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Entertainmentsystem
GME Jeep Wrangler JK "Street Wrangler" Soundsystem